FCF small groups are a great opportunity to really connect with the FCF family. While Sunday morning services will provide you with the tools to overcome in your daily life, through small groups you will develop relationships within the family to help you apply these tools. Group discussions are designed around topics that are relevant to your daily life and that will encourage you to grow in your walk with God. Click here for more info..


Good News About Grace

The Bible says that God is a gracious God who loves to be gracious to us and to bless people who don’t deserve it: that’s His nature. Aren’t you glad for that? You can’t understand the Christian life unless you understand grace. It’s at the heart of our faith and of our relationship with God. Grace can be defined as “love in action,” “God giving me what I need, not what I deserve,” or “the face God wears when He looks at my failures.” When we really understand grace, it brings joy to our lives--it’s liberating!

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